Practical Alternatives to Putting a Wet Phone in Rice

Following a mishap in the bathroom, you discover that your phone has been dropped into the toilet. Or your phone slips out of your hand and falls into a deep pool, and you cannot retrieve it. Or you may be on vacation, and in your excitement, you make a split-second choice to dive into the water, but as soon as you do, you remember that your phone is still in your pocket. There is no doubt that if you drop your phone in water, it will ruin your day and possibly even your entire week. 

Unfortunately, putting a wet phone in rice isn’t going to fix it, contrary to popular belief. Before you give in to the urge to buy a new phone and spend a lot of money on it, give one of these solutions a shot to see if it helps dry out your device and get it back up and running again.

Perform Initial Emergency Care Measures

Before you even make the first attempt to dry off your phone, there are some things you should always do first. 

If your phone is dropped into water, you should immediately turn off the device, remove the case, and take the SIM card out of the phone. It is important to remember to keep the SIM card tray open so that moisture does not become trapped within.

Using an absorbent cloth to clean your phone’s exterior, you can remove any visible traces of moisture that may have accumulated there. 

After you have finished with these steps, you will be able to dry the item using the following methods.

1. Make Use Of Silica Gel Sachets Instead of Rice

Even the most potent desiccant won’t be able to get to the potentially dangerous liquid if it’s located on the interior of the phone, which is where it’s most likely to be hiding. 

It is possible that you can save the phone by turning it off and allowing it to air dry for some time if the water did not penetrate the device to a significant degree. However, if the water gets into your phone, you may want more efficient ways of drying the interior components.

Instead of using rice, make use of the silica gel packets. They are commonly found in footwear and other packaging linked to shoes; however, you can also use them to protect your phone from getting wet. 

You should insert some silica gel packets into the bottom and the top of the cover for your phone. Keep your hands off the phone for a few hours so the silica gel can do its job and absorb any moisture that may be present. 

2. Be Patient and Air-Dry

Air-drying your phone is more effective than you might believe and may seem like an overly simplistic approach. The phone should be placed face down on a paper towel in a dry, warm area (but not hot because overheating the phone can cause further damage).

A fan directed at the phone can help it dry more quickly. It’s best not to be impatient and try turning on the phone before giving it at least 24 hours to dry out completely.


There are a few practical alternatives to putting a wet phone in rice. One is to use silica gel sachets. Or you can be patient and air-dry your soaked phone. But make sure that you have initiated the initial care measures to save your phone.

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