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Slow Computer

From malware to a failing hard drive, there can be many reasons why your computer is running slow. We can help you diagnose the computer problem and then fix the problem quickly.

Computer won't start

If your computer is suddenly shutting off or has trouble starting up, this could mean that you have a failing power supply, but that’s not the only cause. From corrupted caches to software problems, our technicians will help you fast.

Blank computer screen

It can be a big headache to deal with when your computer is turning on but nothing is appearing. Other times, you might have a beep code that can help a professional technician diagnose the problem.

Abnormally functioning operating system

When your operating system, apps, or other software is unresponsive or slow, installing reliable antivirus software can help! From reboots to computer replacements, our experienced techs provide friendly, reliable computer repairs.

Slow internet & WiFi connectivity issues

From banking online to gaming online, the internet is an important part of our lives. If you need to improve your browser performance or having trouble connecting to a wireless network (WiFi), we’re here to help!

Computer overheating

Overheated electronics can crash or have shortened lifespan due to being too hot. This is why having the right fan and heatsink for your computer is vital. When these fail, though, our computer repair services can help!

Noisy hard drive

When you start hearing clicking, grinding, and vibrations from your hard drive, it may be a sign that your hard drive is failing. Rest assured, we can help!

Virus or malware

A computer virus can cause all sorts of computer problems, from deleted files and a reformatted hard drive to frequent computer crashes. Less harmful computer viruses can sapp your computer’s memory and slow computer performance. Whether you need help with data recovery or computer virus cleanup, we’re here for you.

System crash

There are many reasons why your computer can crash, from errors in your computer’s operating system software to hardware failures. An operating system can also fail when it fails to manage system resources properly, and reach a deadlock state. If any of these things have happened to your computer, we can help!

Battery life issues

Having your laptop computer die in the middle of day can be extremely frustrating, especially when you’ve recently charged it. There are many reasons why laptop battery life drains happen, from overclocking to using too many peripherals. When you can’t fix your battery draining issues yourself, we’re here to help.

Bad keyboard

Whether you’re working or playing, computer keyboards are a vital part of your computer workstation. When keys stick or are unresponsive, it can drastically block your productivity. Whether you need to replace your keyboard or just clean it out really good, our repair technicians are ready to get your computer fixed.

Stuck pixels

There are a number of pixel issues that your computer can have, including hot pixels, dead pixels, or stuck pixels. You can take some DIY steps to fix them on your own, but if this fails, we can help you troubleshoot the next step so your computer’s pixel issues are gone for good.

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Reasonably priced

"Austin is awesome! I brought in a MacBook pro with liquid damage that I'd started disassembling and he was able to continue working on it and fix it. Super reasonably priced. Will be back!!"
- Talha B.

Helpful & thorough

(They were) very helpful, straightforward, and thorough when examining the laptop. The layout of the place was very inviting and organized - a perfectionist's paradise. My laptop came out cleaner and better than it went in with. Highly recommend others who need servicing or just simple installations of a screen protector and they'll get it done quickly but with precision.
- David L.

Amazing customer service

The man at the counter was very nice, and even though the time was near closing, he still was nice and wasn't grumpy that we were keeping him for over the closing time. AMAZING SERVICE. I definitely recommend you to come here if you have a problem with any device. And they can do WATER REPAIR??? Outstanding!!!
- Avery S.

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