Why DIY Computer Repair is Never Easy

Computer repair can often be a difficult task, especially for laptops. This is because laptop computers don’t really offer a lot of flexibility in terms of their inner workings. Manufacturers have to keep space considerations in mind because that’s what consumers are looking for with laptops. That said, desktops also have some unique problems because of the sheer number of components involved.

Basically, computer repair isn’t as straightforward as replacing a part or cleaning a component. It requires a lot of screwing around with cables, taking things apart, and putting things back together. Let’s look at why computer repair can be so difficult with desktops and laptops.

Core Components

When you think of the components that make up a computer, some obvious ones come to mind: the hard drive, RAM, memory, CPU, and motherboard. These are obviously essential and cannot be replaced with off-the-shelf parts. However, in addition to those components, a computer is full of smaller components that are also extremely important. These are the parts that are getting replaced on a regular basis and are not that difficult to install. But even these parts aren’t as simple as you may think. 

While installing a new part is easier than many people think, it’s not as easy as replacing a light bulb. For example, even installing RAM requires you to install the new RAM into the existing slots. There are many factors you need to keep in mind when installing a new part. For example, the new RAM has to be installed in the same slots as the old RAM you are pulling out. Also, the RAM must be installed in the same direction, or the computer won’t even boot up. You have to be careful about the type of RAM you are replacing, as well. For example, DDR3 RAM won’t work in a computer that’s already set up for DDR2 RAM.


One of the reasons that computer repair is so difficult is that every single computer is different. You have a unique motherboard, unique CPU, unique hard drive, unique RAM, and unique memory. A computer that someone else owns may not necessarily be the same as yours. Even if you have a similar computer, the way it’s laid out (cable routing, port layout, etc.) is probably going to be different.

This is why it’s essential that you have some sort of documentation regarding your computer. This will include all of the hardware installed in your machine, including memory, hard drives, wifi adapters, sound cards, graphics cards, and everything else. If you don’t have a record of what’s on your computer, anything could go wrong – and it probably will. Of course, you need to be sure that you can actually find the documentation and that it’s accurate!

Integrated Circuits

The biggest problem with computer repair, especially laptop repair, is the integrated circuits (ICs). These are the chips that are installed on the motherboard and can control everything from the memory to the CPU.

Since they are located on the motherboard, they are soldered onto the main board. This means that you can’t replace them or fix them. If they’re damaged, you’ll have to replace the whole motherboard. This, of course, can get expensive. You might not be able to find a replacement part for your machine, either. Even if you do, it may not work with your machine.


Looking at how complicated computers are, repairing them is a daunting task. That’s why if you have any plans to repair your desktop or laptop on your own, it’s always best to let an expert handle things.

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