Essential Things to Know—How Long Do Macs and Macbooks Last?

The average lifespan of a desktop computer is around three to five years.Now that laptops have become more popular, the average lifespan of a computer has dropped to one to three years.

Of course, Macs or MacBooks are known for lasting many years and even decades with the proper care. Apple has always prided itself on the quality of its products, and in most cases, a Mac will outlast its predicted lifespan. The short answer is that the lifespan of Macs and MacBooks is only limited by the machine’s quality, the computer’s age, and how it’s being used.

But today, let’s explore what you need to know about the lifespan of a Mac.

How to Maintain Your Mac

Backup Your Data Regularly

You should always have a backup plan with your data, and you should always maintain regular backups. Backing up your data will ensure that you never experience data loss and never run the risk of losing your work. Back up your data regularly, and you’ll be protected in the event of a computer failure. You’ll need an extra hard drive, an external, or an online storage system.

Keep it Clean

You should also always clean your computer. Not only will a clean computer run smoothly but also you’ll be protecting your hardware. Dust, lint, hair, and other items can build-up over time and cause a clog in your fans. A clogged fan can cause a computer to get very hot and possibly damage your computer.

The best way to clean your computer is to use compressed air to blow out the fans. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner as you can suck the dirt and dust into your computer. Never spray liquid on your computer; never spray compressed air directly on your computer. You should always spray the compressed air into a paper towel and wipe your computer down.

You should also consider cleaning your keyboard with a compressed air can every six months to a year. You can spray compressed air into the areas around your keyboard and use a paper towel to wipe away any debris.

Maintain a Healthy Charger

If you’ve owned an iPhone, you probably know all about charger maintenance. Over time, your charger can become damaged beyond repair and may even start to spark. That’s why you should always consider buying a new charger and swap it out every few years.

If you notice that your charger is not working correctly or seems to have been damaged, you should swap it out for a new one. A new charger is far cheaper than a new computer, and it’s an easy and inexpensive way to prolong the life of your current computer.

When to Replace Your Mac

A MacBook can last anywhere from five to ten years, and a Mac Pro can last anywhere from five to 20 years. Macs are built to be highly durable, and they’re constructed to last.

But Apple also recommends you consider buying a new computer every three to four years. This is because the memory and processor will slow down over time. You may also experience a drop in the performance of your Mac due to other reasons. For example, an older computer may launch apps slower or take longer to boot up. You should consider buying a new Mac if you’re experiencing these problems.

The Bottom Line

There is a lot more to consider when it comes to the lifespan of a Mac. Take the time to maintain your Mac and keep it clean; you should have no problem getting many years out of your computer. For more information, check out our full Mac Maintenance Guide.

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