The Best Way to Fix a Computer Screen

If you’ve ever owned a computer, there’s a good chance you’ve run into this problem. A broken screen is one of the most annoying things you can have happen to your computer. If your screen is broken, then it becomes almost impossible to use your computer properly. You may not be able to access any of your files or store data on the device at all. 

This serves as a major inconvenience for anyone who relies on their computer. Thankfully, you can find out how to fix a broken screen quickly and efficiently. How exactly do you do this? Read on, and you’ll get some ideas that can help you deal with this disaster.

Broken Screens: Repair or Replace?

If your desktop monitor has a broken screen, it might be time to consider replacing it with a brand-new screen. The cost of the repair sometimes exceeds the cost of buying a replacement screen. Because of this, it may be more straightforward to just get a brand-new one, especially if your screen is due for an upgrade.

However, if the damage is minor or you think you don’t need a replacement, you can contact computer repair services in your area to fix the problem.

Fixing an LCD Screen on Your Own Is Not Worth the Risk

It is generally advised that you take your computer to a professional computer store for repair if it is damaged. A lot of things can go wrong while fixing an LCD panel, and mishandling the replacement LCD could damage not only the screen itself but also any connectors that go to the motherboard (causing you to have a larger headache than ever before).

If You Must Do It Yourself, Do Your Homework

If you’re looking to repair your broken computer screen by yourself, then you need to make sure that you know what you’re doing. Fortunately, there are a wealth of informative articles on the internet with step-by-step instructions that can help you prepare for the task of fixing a broken computer screen. It’s important to have all the right materials on hand before beginning repairs. 

Also, it’s crucial that you know how to handle everything safely. Find a reliable source that demonstrates how to make repairs step by step and follow along closely. If you take some simple precautions and have some patience, then you should be able to fix your own computer screen.

Take It to the Experts

If you want to make sure your computer screen is fixed properly, then it’s best to take it to a professional. Service centers, like ScreenWorks, will be able to fix your device without causing any further damage or accidentally inflicting harm on your computer. They can also provide tips on avoiding screen damage in the future. Once the repairs are complete, you can get right back to using your device with confidence!


Having a broken computer screen is one of the worst things that can happen to a computer user. Although you may try to fix it on your own, doing so is risky and will require heaps of research. It’s best to take it to the professionals if you want it fixed reliably.

If you’re looking for screen repair services in Clovis, CA, ScreenWorks has you covered. We provide reliable repair services for numerous devices. Book a service today!

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