Liquid Damage Prevention: How to Care for a Wet Smartphone

If your iPhone has been exposed to water, it’s important to act quickly to prevent any damage and bring it for an iPhone repair in Fresno. Water can cause your phone to short circuit, ruining the internal components. 

Additionally, it might corrode the metal components of your phone, causing it to degrade over time.

Water damage is one of the most prevalent types of phone damage. Thus, it is essential to know what to do if it occurs. By following these procedures, you can attempt to prevent more harm and restore functionality to your phone.

How to Care for a Wet Smartphone

If your phone has accidentally become wet, do the following:

  • Remove your phone as soon as possible from the liquid.
  • If your phone is still on, turn it off. DO NOT attempt to turn it back on if it is already off.
  • While holding the phone upright, rock it back and forth gently. This will aid in liquid drainage via the bottom.
  • Using a microfiber cloth, remove any apparent moisture from the phone’s exterior.
  • It’s best to seek a Samsung or iPhone repair, where repair specialists may check it in a secure setting. 

Professionals have sophisticated equipment designed to disassemble your phone without causing damage, and they can inform you if it can be repaired rather than replaced. You can also get cracked iPhone screen repair services from there. 

Wet Home Phone Repair Is Dangerous

We recommend bringing a drenched smartphone, as attempting to fix a drenched electronic gadget at home is dangerous.

Most people lack the proper equipment to do delicate electronic repairs at home, and using the incorrect tool could damage your phone’s delicate components.

Rice Can’t Repair Your Phone’s Liquid Damage

It may be the most common home treatment for a soaked smartphone, but it is ineffective! 

Putting a phone in rice is the same as doing nothing. We appear to be actively seeking something. When a cell phone falls into water, corrosion occurs immediately. Occasionally, critical components are rusted, and sometimes they are not.

If you can refrain from turning on the phone until it has dried on the counter, in the rice bag, or elsewhere, its functionality may be restored.

The solder joints will be oxidized, weakened, and fragile, even if the phone appears functional again. Internal corrosion will continue to spread, necessitating repair or replacement of the phone regardless.

According to a study by Gazelle, rice is the worst material for drying your phone!

No Mobile Device Is Truly Waterproof

If you purchased a phone advertised as “waterproof,” you should read the fine print before using it. Although phone commercials depict people underwater using smartphones, the devices are not waterproof.

In the fine print, Samsung bans “beach or pool use” of its phones, and its warranty does not cover water damage. Claims that smartphones are water-resistant for specific durations and depths of water may be confusing. The greatest approach to prevent liquid damage to your phone is to pretend it’s not waterproof!


Liquid damage to your phone can be a serious problem and should be avoided if possible. Doing DIY Samsung or iPhone repair might make the situation worse. Therefore, it’s best to take it to a professional to have it checked out and repaired if necessary.

Fresno and Clovis are served by ScreenWorks, a highly-regarded phone, and computer repair company. From cracked iPhone screen repair to custom-built gaming PCs, we’ve got you covered! Book a repair now! 

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