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ScreenWorks is the super-fast and super-friendly device and screen repair shop for Clovis, CA. Our screen repair technicians handle phone repair jobs in our stores or they can come to you. From computer repair to smartphone repair, and everything in between, we’re here to help you!

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iPhone repair services for Clovis, CA.

Buying a new phone can be exciting. Dropping that new phone can be heart-stopping. Don’t worry, though, because when your new phone has a broken screen or develops battery issues, we’re here to fix them.

At ScreenWorks, we know that your phone is more than a device, it’s a tool that you use to connect with others, capture life-making moments, and waste time while you’re standing in the checkout line at the grocery store.

So, when you need phone repairs, stop by ScreenWorks. Or, better yet, let us come to you and we’ll get your phone fixed fast! Our on-demand, mobile phone repair service lets our technicians go to your location so your day isn’t interrupted.

For years, our phone repair technicians have helped residents of Clovis, CA when they are dealing with a cracked screen on their iPhone. We get their phone screen fixed, give them a new screen protector, and provide many other phone and computer repair services!

Whether it’s your phone or your daughter’s phone, we’ll get your phone repaired in a very timely manner. Whatever your phone needs, from a new screen protector to a better charging port, our phone repair shop helps Clovis, CA with fast service at a great price!

Most repairs are done in minutes while more serious phone repairs take a couple hours. Either way, when you book a phone repair appointment or come into our phone repair store, you’ll get affordable phone repair services for your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer.

So, contact our phone repair store today and learn why we’re the best phone repair location for Clovis, CA 93611 and other zip codes.

Get your iPhone battery and iPhone screen fixed in Clovis, CA.

Dealing with a cracked screen on your new phone, especially an iPhone, can be extremely frustrating! Our great customer service and fast phone repair services at the best price mean that every customer returns again and again for an amazing phone repair experience. We repair all your Apple devices, including iPhone devices, computers, iPad repairs, and other models.

Our commitment to great customer service means that we’re not just interested in fixing phones and computers. More than that, we want to give you an amazing experience when you’re in our store or with our phone repair technicians at your location. That’s why we work hard to ensure our iPhone repair prices are the best prices in Clovis, CA! From iPhone screen repair and screen replacement to computer repair services, ScreenWorks is here to offer great service at great prices!

Cracked screens on an iPhone can be pretty bad since we rely on our devices as tools. When customers come into our phone repair store, our professional technicians work quickly to diagnose and repair or replace your phones, computers, and other devices at an affordable price. Contact us today to get affordable repairs for your phones, computers, your iPad devices, and other types of Apple devices!

iPhone White Screen of Death

When your iPhone screen is all white and the touchscreen doesn’t show your icons or apps, you’re experiencing the iPhone White Screen of Death. This iPhone problem can come from Apple software problems or phone hardware problems. Either way, our repair technicians will help you get your phone screen fixed and back to normal. Our cell phone repair shop has been fixing phones and computers in Clovis, CA for years and we’re ready to help you as well!

Water damaged iPhone

Water damage on an iPhone is probably the most common problem we come across for Apple phones and other devices (like iPads). While you could take broken iPhones, many people choose a repair shop like ScreenWorks because they can get great prices on phone repairs, computer repairs, and other device repairs that are much better than an Apple store. So, when you’ve got water damage on your Apple phone, bring your phone to our Clovis repair shop and we’ll get your Apple cell phone fixed fast!

iPhone battery life problems

Next to a cracked phone screen, one of the top problems with a cell phone is battery issues. When your cell phone battery won’t charge or hold a charge for long, bring it to our repair shop and we’ll fix your cell phone! Our repair services are trusted throughout Clovis, CA because we go the extra mile to make sure that, when we hand you your cell phone, it works just like normal.

Overheating iPhone problem

If your cell phone has started to overheat, we can help! Sometimes, a hot phone is normal. For example, if you’re in a warm place or your cell phone is exposed to direct sunlight. However, if you’re dealing with a hot phone all of the time, overheating might be a sign of a cell phone problem. Bring it into our shop and we’ll get your cell phone fixed in no time! From charging port issues and cracked screens to cell phone battery and charging issues, ScreenWorks is the device repair shop for the Clovis and Fresno area!

iPhone touchscreen problems

When iPhones have a cracked screen or other type of touchscreen problems, it’s pretty much impossible to do anything on that device. Our phone repair business offers customers in Clovis, CA the option of a convenient appointment or repair service at any store location in the Fresno area. Whether you need phone repairs or want to replace your device, contact us and our technicians will be there to help you!

iPhone battery replacement

Our computer technicians are ready to handle any phone repair needs you have here in Clovis, CA. We’ve handled hundreds of phone repairs over the years and will fix your device as quickly as possible! From screen repair to screen replacements, we’ll get your phone fixed! We offer the option to book an appointment time for your cell phone repairs and our technicians will come to you in Clovis, CA or the Fresno area.

iPhone camera repair

Besides screen replacement, our technicians can help you with other repairs like cracked screens, phone repairs, iPad repairs, and many other device repairs. We work hard to ensure a great price so you can get your devices fixed. All of our repairs, whether it’s a cell phone or iPad, can be handled through an appointment or in our store. When you make an appointment, our technicians will arrive with everything they need to great repairs for you!

iPhone screen repair

If you need screen repair in Clovis, CA, bring your device to our store! Our technicians will fix your device with prompt repair services. We work hard to ensure the price is fair and that your phone is fixed fast – often on the same day. If you aren’t able to visit our repair store, book a repair service appointment online. Our technicians will come to your location with all of the tools and supplies they need to do light to medium device repairs. Visit any location in the Clovis and Fresno area and we’ll make sure your receive amazing repair service!

Why Clovis, CA chooses our phone repair and computer repair services

When you bring your cell phone to a ScreenWorks store location, our technicians greet you with a smile, ask a few questions about your cell phone repair, then get to work on your device repair. Cell phone repairs encompass a wide number of issues, but our technicians are skilled and trained to fix cracked screens, charging port issues, overheating devices, and many other cell phone problems. We provide the option for you to book a repair online through an appointment or to have our technicians fix your device in a ScreenWorks store.

Locally Trusted Pros In Clovis, CA

From old phones to the new iPhone and iPad, our iPhone repair shop offers Clovis, CA a winning blend of great service, great price, and fast phone repairs. When you come into our store or book an on-demand appointment, we'll ask a few questions, then get to work! Most cell phone repairs are done in minutes!

Repair Services For All Devices

From phone screen issues to charging port issues, we handle most repairs in a couple hours, if not faster! Customers in Clovis, CA love the great repair services we offer for cracked screen issues, water damage, and more! For fast phone repairs, an affordable price, and friendly technicians, call our shop!

Great Customer Service

Every customer at ScreenWorks chooses our store because they know they will get their phone fixed fast and at an affordable price! From computer repairs to our cell phone repairs, we're ready to help you fix your phone screen, cell phone battery, or other problems! Call today for fast repairs at great prices!


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