Local vs. Retail Computer Repair: Which Suits You Best?

When your computer crashes, you’re faced with a significant decision: Do you take it to a local computer repair shop or a big-box store for depot computer repair?

Many big-box stores offer depot repair, similar to bus or train depots. They don’t have the facilities to do the repairs themselves, so they send your computer off to another location for repair. This means that your computer could be damaged due to shipping and handling, as well as not being accountable to you. 

Even if the big-box store packages your computer well, it could still arrive at the remote location damaged. Your laptop or desktop could also be lost or delayed in transit because it passes through a chain of people. That’s why we recommend getting depot repair done at a local computer repair shop with the skills and facilities to do the work on-site.

Reasons Why Local Computer Repair Services Are Better

First, fewer people will be handling your device and your data. You’re not dropping it off at one location for it to travel to another location via a major shipping company’s trucks, leading to more accountability. Furthermore, when you take your device to a locally owned small business, you know at all times which is handling your computer. You hand it directly to the person fixing it, or at least the person in direct contact with that person.

Second, another advantage is that if your computer is in for repair, you can simply take your thumb drive down the road and load some files. That’s because the shop is not closed off or somewhere else in the country; it’s right in front of you. You can simply get up, go to the counter, and ask to power up your computer and retrieve what you need, assuming that this works.

Tips to Choosing the Right Local Computer Repair Service

Make sure to do your research when selecting a local computer business. Ask about the following:

  • Customer Service Record. What are their customer reviews like? Are there any complaints with the Better Business Bureau? Can you find reviews from satisfied and unhappy customers about the quality of their work? Any computer repair shop rated below 80 percent is out of the question.
  • Flexible Options: Don’t let anxiety cloud your judgment on when you can get your device back. Some local computer repair shops can fix your problems without you needing to travel to them. Depending on the issue, you may be able to resolve the situation by logging into your account through the Internet, or they could be willing to come to you.
  • Qualifications. How long have they been in business, and what is the quality of their work? Do they have the proper training, accreditation, and insurance to handle your device? Are they flexible about payment options and easy to reach?
  • Savings. If you can get your device working and won’t have to buy a new one, the cost is a lot easier to swallow. If you can save money by purchasing parts yourself and paying a cheaper rate, you might be able to afford an upgrade while still fixing your computer.
  • Services. Do they offer in-house maintenance, or do you need to take your device to them? Do they offer a variety of repair services, or do you need to take it in for other issues that might crop up?

Get Local Computer Repair Service Today

In computer repairs, bigger doesn’t always mean better. A huge corporation could treat your device like every other machine and not give it the attention it deserves. Local repair shops get the job done while retaining a human touch, ensuring you get the best quality and bang for your buck each time you bring a device in for maintenance.

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