Pre-built PCS vs. Custom PCs: Which Is the Better One?

Computers are magnificent machines because they make most kinds of work more efficient. Aside from that, they can also do other things, such as letting you communicate with others, play video games, and watch movies and TV shows. There are many different computer choices, but it all boils down to two options: pre-built and custom PCs.

Pre-built and custom PCs are precisely what they sound like: the former is a ready-to-use computer, while the latter is a custom build that can outperform other computers. These two options vary significantly in price and performance, so we’ll discuss how their respective advantages and disadvantages stack up in this article. Read on below to get started.

More about Pre-Built PCs

Pre-built PCs are pre-configured desktop computers that are produced and sold by manufacturers. These computers are designed to be ready for use, and some of them even have Windows pre-installed. In some cases, a pre-built PC may even come with a monitor that’s already been set up. At the most basic level, they are ready for use upon purchase.

Advantages of Pre-Built PCs

Pre-built PCs are much easier to set up than custom builds, as they don’t require any configuration or tweaking to get started. The package has a preset software configuration that leaves no room for error or misconfiguration. You can be up and running with it in no time.

These computers are also more affordable than custom builds, so you get to save some money. Some pre-built PCs even come with a warranty that can protect your computer from damage.

Disadvantages of Pre-Built

While pre-built PCs are more affordable than custom builds, they are still considered more expensive than regular PCs. Many people looking for an upgrade to their normal PC can look elsewhere.

Pre-built PCs also typically lack significant components such as high-end graphics cards or solid-state drives. Some cheaper models come with no solid-state drives at all. That’s why they only seem affordable on the surface.

Pre-built PCs are also less customizable than custom builds. The CPU, graphics card, RAM, and storage device can’t be easily changed out. Some pre-built PCs even come with a pre-selected set of components, so you can only choose from a few options.

More about Custom PCs

Custom PCs are essentially pre-built PCs customized with the user’s preferred components. They are built individually by users to meet the user’s desired specifications for their ideal computer. This can be very rewarding for gamers and those who need a computer for more resource-intensive purposes.

Advantages of Custom PCs

Custom PCs can use the latest components in every aspect of the computer, from the CPU and graphics card to the storage device. This can yield better performance and efficiency than pre-built PCs.

These computers are fully customizable to the user’s liking. For example, you can choose how much RAM you want, how many hard drives you like, what CPU you want, and what graphics card you want. You can even get a Solid State hard drive for it to boot up faster.

Disadvantages of Custom PCs

Custom PCs are much more challenging to set up than pre-built PCs. These computers require you to do a lot of work, from configuring the BIOS and Windows installation to installing drivers and updating your components. If you are inexperienced with custom builds, you may need several hours to get it up and running.

Custom PCs are also more expensive than pre-built PCs, as they don’t come pre-configured with the computer’s components. They will require more money, time, and effort to put together.

Custom PCs are more prone to failure. These computers are more complex, and the components are connected in various ways. So if something goes wrong, it could potentially cause significant issues.

What Should You Get?

Your decision should be based on your needs. Are you looking for an upgrade from your existing desktop computer, or are you looking for a new computer for gaming, resource-intensive applications, or both? A pre-built PC should be fine if you only need a computer for regular use.

But if you want a computer for gaming or the best performance at the lowest possible price, you should get a custom build. These computers can be a bit of a hassle to set up, but these units are worth every dollar.


Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of pre-built and custom PCs, you can now make an informed decision when purchasing your next desktop computer. Be sure to ask about the features of a PC and consider your needs, and you’ll get the best PC for you.

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