5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Computer Needs to be Repaired

No one can deny that computers are critical to our modern world. They’re involved in everything from government to the military. They help us with school and work, and they help us connect with friends and family. Computers manage our finances, they educate us in all aspects, and they help us solve problems.

This is why it’s so important to have your computer repaired whenever it acts up, and for those who use it for everyday things, your social, professional, or student life may even depend on it. 

If you’re freaking out because your laptop won’t turn on, don’t just do anything. You need to find a computer repair shop quickly. The longer you wait, the longer you’ll be off the grid. With that in mind, watch out for the tell-tale signs that indicate your computer is in dire need of repair.

5 Symptoms of Your Computer Malfunctioning 

Sign #1: Failing to Turn On

The first sign that your computer may be malfunctioning is that it fails to turn on. Sounds simple, but it could be anything from a power button issue to a problem with the motherboard. If you get this far and it still won’t turn on, you know that you’re probably looking at a major issue.

Sign #2: Performing Slower

To many, there is no worse sign than when their computer starts performing slower. If you can’t seem to launch web pages as quickly as you used to and you’re constantly having to wait for programs to respond, it’s time to consider whether you need to repair your computer. 

If your computer used to be able to boot up and shut down fast, but this is no longer the case, there may be an issue with the hard drive. The inner workings of the drive are sensitive and it may get damaged by shock. 

An old hard drive can be easily replaced, but if there’s a problem with the motherboard, you may be looking at a much more expensive fix.

Sign #3: Error Codes Popping Up

If your computer starts giving you error codes, you know something is wrong. Error codes can pop up for any number of reasons and are sometimes a major headache to fix, especially when they’re not properly explained.

The most common error codes include the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” error, which is a sign that there’s a serious problem with the hard drive.

Sign #4: Freezing 

If your computer freezes up and you are no longer able to move the cursor or interact with your computer anymore, it’s time to see if you need to repair your computer. You may have to restart or shut down your computer in order to solve this issue temporarily, but in some cases, it can be caused by a malware infection or bad RAM that needs to be replaced.

Sign #5: Random Restarts

If you’re doing fairly simple tasks on your computer and suddenly it restarts on its own, it could be a sign of a serious problem, especially if it’s not happening while you’re in the middle of a video game or performing some other task.

The best way to deal with this issue is to attempt a restart right away. If your computer is working fine after it reboots, you are clear to continue using it. 

If it restarts again, it would be a good idea to schedule a trip to the local computer repair shop, as this problem will only grow worse as time goes on.

The Bottom Line: Know When to Repair Your Computer to Avoid Costlier Problems Later

It’s important to recognize the signs that your computer is in need of repair. If you leave them untreated, you may end up running into much more severe and costly problems that can bring your computer to a grinding halt. Don’t wait; you’ll save yourself the headache in the long run.

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