5 Telltale Signs That Your iPhone Is in Need of Repairs

The iPhone is the most prominent smartphone line in the world. Ever since its introduction ten years ago, it has pleased its users with its excellent performance and multitasking capabilities. Although there are other smartphones available, none can match it for its useful applications. As a result, we don’t mind paying its high price to own it.

If your iPhone has a hardware or software problem, technicians will repair your iPhone for no charge if it is under warranty. But how do you know that your phone needs repairs? Here are a few telltale signs.

1) Freezing Screen 

The most common problem that you may encounter is the constantly freezing screen. The touchscreen of your iPhone may freeze during usage, causing you to restart the phone. Some report that the phone may reboot on its own.

If the problem occurs on your newly purchased phone, you should take it back to where you bought it to get a replacement. If it has been more than 30 days, you can still replace your defective phone.

2) Low Battery Life

If your iPhone experiences a drastic reduction in the amount of time before it runs out of battery, this is a sign that it needs repairs.

If you notice that your iPhone battery depletes faster than usual, try to perform a hard reset. If this doesn’t work, contact an Apple store or a third-party service provider.

3) Volume Keeps Getting Stuck

If the volume gets stuck and your iPhone becomes excessively loud, this is a sign that your iPhone needs repairs.

You can try to troubleshoot this problem on your own by connecting your iPhone to a different audio source, such as speakers or headphones, and see if the problem persists. If it does not, this usually means that the internal speaker or headphone jack is faulty and needs repairs.

4) Broken or Blank Screen

If you’re noticing that your iPhone screen is blank or broken and there is no response when you press the screen, this is a sign that your iPhone needs repairs.

The problem can be traced to a few things that are causing the phone to become overloaded, such as:

  • new applications that were recently installed; 
  • a program that is running with high CPU usage or a corrupt app;
  • or a program running that is designed to run in the background, such as a game.

If there is visible damage to your iPhone, the screen may likely need to be replaced. You can always get estimates online before you commit to the repair.

5) Broken Camera

The camera is one of the most used iPhone features. If you notice that the camera lens is cracked, this can be a sign that your iPhone needs repairs.

If the camera is damaged and cannot be restored, it will need to be replaced. Try to get a second opinion if you plan to go to a third-party service provider for repair.


Although the iPhone has all the features that you would expect in a high-end smartphone, it is not an impervious device. The good thing is that you have the option of taking it to technicians for repairs.

For any sort of iPhone repair in Fresno, ScreenWorks has you covered. We provide holistic phone repair services no matter what the issue is with your device. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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