Tablet Repair or Tablet Replacement: Which Is Better?

Sometimes, unfortunate things happen, like getting your newly bought tablet broken after just a few months. When the screen is smashed, the tablet owner often thinks of what their next step should be. Is it better to have the tablet repaired, or is it better to purchase a new one?

Tablet Repair Or Buy a New One: Which Is Better?

Compared to buying a new tablet, repairing your tablet is actually a much better idea if you strictly look at the financial aspect. It is actually possible to save a good amount of money just by DIY repairs to your tablet or letting a third party look into the problems of your device. 

If you are the type of person who is not confident with their technical skills or you are the type who hates to get their hands dirty, then you can opt to have your tablet repaired by technicians. 

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who loves to fix things and is willing to get your hands dirty, you can also opt to do the repair yourself. However, do note that many things can go wrong along the way, so leaving it to the professionals will still be your best bet.

Is it really worth it for you to repair your tablet? Or is it better for you to simply get a new one? Here’s a quick comparison of the differences between the two.

Tablet Repair Vs. Replacement: The Cost Of The Two

If you compare the cost of getting your tablet repaired with getting a replacement, repairing would be cheaper in most cases. If your tablet is in good working condition and just has a cracked screen or some defective parts, it can be cheap and easy to repair.

Some might say that it is still a good use, but if you think of the replacement price, you will realize that repairing your tablet is actually a better option than getting a replacement. From the price, it is evident that you will save a lot of money by simply repairing your tablet rather than getting a new one.

It all depends on the type of tablet repair options that your device needs.

Getting Repair from the Manufacturer: Most tablet manufacturers offer repair services to their customers if the device gets damaged. Getting the repair of your device from the manufacturer itself is a good idea. However, if it is already out of warranty, you could spend more than you should.

Repair from a Third-Party: You can repair your tablet by finding some third-party repair shops for your tablet. They are experts in such services and will ensure that your tablet is working again. Their service is more affordable in most cases as they can find other more efficient ways to fix your device problems. 

DIY Repair: DIY repair includes only replacing the parts that need fixing. It is cheaper compared to the two options above. The owner can replace some parts of the tablet, but the replacement of more expensive components such as the motherboard and processors would need the help of third parties. You also risk worsening the problem if you have no idea what you are doing.


Repairing your tablet is a better option than purchasing a new one if you are on a budget. You can freely decide what you have to spend on repairs and keep the parts needed for the repair for yourself. If you have some extra time, you can also learn some basic technical skills to repair your tablet yourself. Not only will you save a lot of money, but you can also feel the true satisfaction of fixing something that has broken.

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