Quick Hacks to Temporarily Fix a Cracked iPhone Screen

A broken phone screen not only looks bad, but it can also make your phone harder to use. When a screen is cracked, it often becomes less responsive to touch, more likely to get damaged further, and can cause other problems. And on a modern smartphone, fixing a cracked screen is usually not cheap. So many of us just have to deal with a damaged phone until we can get it repaired. But there are some things you can do to make a cracked iPhone screen usable in the meantime.

Quick Hacks to Temporarily Fix a Cracked iPhone Screen

1 – Fix the Crack with Toothpaste

If you have a very small crack in your screen, you might be able to fix it with toothpaste. Toothpaste contains a substance called hydroxide, which is the same kind of substance used in the adhesive used to install the glass screen on some phones. You can clean the screen using toothpaste, let it dry, and then add a drop of water to the crack. The water will cause the hydroxide in the toothpaste to harden, forming a layer that protects the screen from further damage.

Some people swear by this toothpaste trick, but you should be aware that it can be very difficult to apply the toothpaste evenly and then remove all the excess. It is also possible for the layer of toothpaste to be broken off by further damage to the screen. And it is not a permanent fix; eventually, the toothpaste layer will wear away.

2 – Tape the Screen

Taping the screen can be a good quick fix if your phone still works. You can use a piece of clear packing tape to cover the broken areas of your screen. This can make the display less responsive, however, and it is probably not a good long-term solution. You should also be careful when taping the screen, as the tape can cause further damage if it gets stuck to or pulled on the screen.

3 – Put the Phone in a Clear Plastic Bag

If you have a large crack in your screen, you might want to try putting your phone in a plastic bag. This can slow the spread of cracks and protect the rest of the screen.

4 – Add a Screen Protector to Your Phone

If you want something to cover up your cracked screen that does not require you to tape the phone or to put it in a plastic bag, you can buy a screen protector. You can find these at most local phone stores or on Amazon. A screen protector can be easier and faster to apply, especially if you want the screen to be perfectly flat, and it can be removed much more easily than tape and plastic.


Even a small crack in your screen can make using your phone more inconvenient. A cracked screen can be hard to use and put you at risk of further damage. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make your phone screen usable until you are able to take your phone to a reliable repair shop.

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